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September 11, 1988
"Nestled in the Amador Valley . . . " the story reads. Hardly. Livermore is located in the Livermore Valley, about 41 miles east of San Francisco. JERRY RUHLING Sacramento
April 13, 1986
Regarding Dick Lochte's review of "The Bourne Supremacy" by Robert Ludlum (The Book Review, March 23), warm and enthusiastic thanks for blowing the whistle on the spy and mystery writers whose overblown novels seem to ride the best-seller lists despite their inferiorities. Hype by greedy publishers, I presume. One would think that at these ridiculous prices, the second-rate "thrillers" would be ignored by readers. The fact that they continue to sell in the millions surely is a commentary on the TV intellects of the buyers.
May 18, 1989 | KARL SCHOENBERGER, Times Staff Writer
One day before bearing her third child, Kim Chun Hwa made a small concession to maternity. She took a break from her grueling routine of diving in the frigid waters for sea urchin, octopus and abalone. She was back in her wet suit two weeks later, though, leaving her infant daughter at home to join other village women harvesting the fertile seabeds with primitive tools and lung power. That was 13 years ago, not long after the heyday of the henyo , literally the "women of the sea."
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