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November 13, 1998
Sore throats --they're a fact of life, like death, a strike in professional sports and a fight on "Jerry Springer." But remedying a sore throat you wake up with doesn't have to be a pain; it could just be a throat that's dried out. * Try a sip or two of water first thing in the morning. * Keep your throat moist by drinking six or more glasses of clear liquids daily. * Run a cool-air humidifier in your room overnight. Source: StayWell Co.
September 11, 1988
The people of the United States have only one way to curb the ever - expanding inventory of war-related projects that squander technical talent and material resources--and that can lead to the end of all life on Earth. And that is to tell our elected representatives we don't want our tax money spent this way. LARRY KELBLEY Rancho Palos Verdes
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