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Whiteman Airport

February 11, 1987 | T.W. McGARRY, Times Staff Writer
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday to investigate the cost of paying the Federal Aviation Administration to install and operate a control tower at county-owned Whiteman Airport in Pacoima. The supervisors approved a resolution to instruct the county's chief administrative officer to contact the FAA "and explore the possibility of operating a tower at Whiteman Airport on a contract basis."
December 10, 1986 | STEPHANIE CHAVEZ, Times Staff Writer
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is urging the Federal Aviation Administration to build an air-traffic control tower at Whiteman Airport in Pacoima, despite an FAA study that determined the small airport is not busy enough to warrant a tower. Supervisor Mike Antonovich, in calling for the tower, cited Whiteman's proximity to busy Burbank and Van Nuys airports.
February 1, 1987 | T.W. McGARRY, Times Staff Writer
The Burbank Airport governing body has joined the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in calling for installation of a federally operated control tower at Whiteman Air Park in Pacoima for safety reasons. The move was spurred in part by an incident last month, in which the pilot of a Continental Airlines MD-80, a stretched version of the DC-9 jetliner, mistook the tiny county-owned airstrip for Burbank Airport.
July 30, 1987 | From United Press International
A North Hollywood man whose plane nearly collided with another aircraft last January was sentenced in Ventura on Wednesday to six months in County Jail for flying while intoxicated, according to court records. A Ventura Municipal Court judge also imposed a fine of $1,700 on Ronald Lichnovski, 44, and ordered his flying license suspended for a year. Lichnovski was arrested Jan. 24 after he landed his Piper Tri-Pacer aircraft at Oxnard Airport.
July 17, 1996 | FRANK B. WILLIAMS
Despite a recent string of airplane crashes near Whiteman Airport, Federal Aviation Administration officials said Tuesday that they don't plan a special investigation or any changes in safety regulations at the airport. On Monday a student pilot crash-landed a single-engine airplane, a Belanca Scout, in the frontyard of a home in the 13300 block of Desmond Street in Pacoima. No one was injured, but a car parked in the frontyard of the home was damaged.
January 28, 1998 | SYLVIA L. OLIANDE
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works took a piece of property off the city Department of Water and Power's hands Tuesday when the City Council approved the sale of a ribbon of land to be used at Whiteman Airport. The county agreed to pay the city $4,000 for a 43,124-square-foot strip off Osborne Street that will be used to square off the airport property, but the land is useless for much more than that, county officials said.
September 30, 1987 | JANE HULSE, Times Staff Writer
A pilot charged with drunk driving three years ago was charged Tuesday with flying under the influence of alcohol after belly-landing his plane at Whiteman Airport in Pacoima earlier this month. James Lee McCoy, 46, of Sylmar, also was charged in Van Nuys Municipal Court with careless and reckless flying, flying too low, and illegal possession of a loaded pistol and marijuana. McCoy, who describes himself as a self-employed make-up artist, was arrested Sept.
August 23, 1987 | CLAUDIA PUIG, Times Staff Writer
A few hours before the Federal Aviation Administration implemented new rules forcing private pilots to change their flying routes, Richard Cassity, a dental technician from Van Nuys, took one last jaunt along a soon-to-be-closed corridor. "I just wanted to do it one more time, so I went up just before midnight," Cassity said. The corridor over Los Angeles International Airport was unusually crowded when he flew his single-engine Cessna through about 10 p.m., he said.
March 8, 1998
Tucked away near the Hansen Dam Recreation Area, Whiteman Airport looks and feels like a throwback to a simpler time in aviation. It's a homey airstrip where pilots swap stories as they lavish attention on their single-engine babies. But as Times reporter Martha L. Willman pointed out last week, the airfield also has a significantly higher rate of accidents than its much busier neighbors, Burbank and Van Nuys airports.
September 9, 1987 | MICHAEL CONNELLY, Times Staff Writer
A Sylmar pilot was arrested on suspicion of drunk flying after his small plane made erratic approaches to Whiteman Airport in Pacoima and belly-landed with the wheels up, the Los Angeles Police Department reported. James Lee McCoy, 46, was not injured, and his plane, a single-engine Mooney Mark 21, sustained little damage in the landing about 8:30 Monday night, Sgt. Ken Dionne said. "He did a basic belly-flop on the runway," Dionne said.
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