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February 23, 2003 | Agustin Gurza; Dean Kuipers; Soren Baker
Molotov "Dance and Dense Denso" (Surco/Universal) *** 1/2 This provocative, witty, sarcastic and ferocious album brings to mind one question: How do you say "parental advisory" in Spanish? The bad boys of Mexican rock are back with a vengeance, slashing and burning through 11 songs peppered with curses in two languages. The saving grace is that this Mexico City quartet is creative even at its crudest. Of course, shocking society is the whole point.
June 30, 2011
A roundup of entertainment headlines for Thursday. After 35 days of house arrest, Lindsay Lohan ditches the ankle bracelet and is free. Let the probation begin. ( Los Angeles Times ) Someone won "The Voice" finale. If you read this, you'll know who. ( Los Angeles Times ) The third "Transformers" flick opens strong at the box office, though not as strong as the second film did. ( Los Angeles Times ) Justin Timberlake gets a piece of recently sold Myspace.
May 13, 2013 | By Randall Roberts, Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic
At some point, every enduring musician has to prove his or her worth and silence the doubters. The Beatles first succeeded with "Revolver," the Beastie Boys with "Paul's Boutique," Wilco on "Summer Teeth. " Talking Heads raised the bar with "Fear of Music," Lauryn Hill with "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. " New York band Vampire Weekend's "Modern Vampires of the City" is one of those records, a brave, surprising third effort that's both challenging and confident, catchy but progressive, expertly imagined and executed.
December 16, 2013 | By Randall Roberts
Near the end of the first of Jeff Tweedy's four-night residency at Largo in Los Angeles, the Wilco founder started discussing the set like he was doing a post-game interview.  "There wasn't anything left to give," he wryly observed,  phlegmy and on the verge of a cold with a throat that over the evening had started to break. "I feel like I left my best stuff out there on the field," he added. He was kidding, but the Chicago-based rock/folk/country guitarist and songwriter had a point.
February 2, 2003 | Natalie Nichols; Dean Kuipers; Lina Lecaro; Steve Appleford
Erasure "Other People's Songs" (Mute) ** 1/2 Singer Andy Bell knows all there is to know about the crying game. At least the vocal half of this veteran British dance-pop duo sure sounds as if he does on the best of Erasure's quirky new collection of covers. From widely disparate sources, the songs are generally about keeping that romantic torch ablaze, a favorite subject for Bell and his music-making partner, Vince Clarke.
January 1, 2005 | Robert Hilburn, Times Staff Writer
Even in the iPod era, a car radio remains the best testing ground for pop music. Whether you're on the open road or stuck in traffic, there's a joy in hearing a song so exhilarating that you want to reach over to turn up the volume. Several selections in our annual New Year's Day salute to the most compelling singles of the last 12 months fall into this category -- including tunes by Kanye West, U2 and the teams of Loretta Lynn/Jack White and Ray Charles/Norah Jones.
March 18, 2012 | By Sara Barbour
It was the week before my 23rd birthday when it hit me. "You know," I said casually to my mom as we drove into town to get pedicures, "I don't think I've hung out with anyone my age in over a month. " It was true. Almost a year out of college and here I was, living at home and socializing decades above my age group. I shopped for groceries and made dinner every night. I watched "The Daily Show"with my mom and went to a Wilco concert with my dad. I took my grandma to movies nominated for best picture and, for the first (and hopefully only)
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