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William Stern

February 2, 1987 | United Press International
The court-appointed guardian of "Baby M" asked a judge today to award the infant to her father and to deny visitation rights to the surrogate mother hired to bear the child. Lorraine Abraham, a lawyer appointed to represent Baby M's interests, said three experts--a sociologist, a psychologist and a psychiatrist--recommended that custody of Baby M go to William Stern and his wife, Elizabeth.
August 8, 1993
Some people would make it a crime to give someone of the same gender a kiss, but defend to the death their "right" to give a perfect stranger lung cancer. How's that for morality? WILLIAM D. STERN Los Angeles
March 28, 1988 | Associated Press
Baby M is happy and secure with her father and his wife and shows no more attachment to the surrogate mother who refused to surrender her than she does to her baby sitter, the toddler's father testified today. William Stern, testifying at a court hearing over visitation rights for surrogate mother Mary Beth Whitehead-Gould, said he believes that his daughter should not be allowed to see Whitehead-Gould for several years.
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