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Willie Brown

As Assembly Speaker Willie Brown saw his Democratic majority slip away Monday, he took the unprecedented step of calling the Assembly back into session for Thursday. Brown (D-San Francisco), the longest-reigning Speaker in state history, was cryptic about the purpose of the session, saying only that it was being held to sort out rules by which the Assembly would operate in the event of a 40-40 split between Republicans and Democrats in the 80-member house.
November 15, 1988 | RICHARD C. PADDOCK, Times Staff Writer
Countless visitors to the state Assembly chambers over the last 10 years have seen Assemblyman Ross Johnson in action: In the noisy atmosphere that resembles a children's playground, the heavyset Republican lawmaker stands up on the Assembly floor and takes his microphone. His voice rises with the passion of his remarks and his colleagues stop chatting among themselves to listen.
July 5, 1993 | GEORGE SKELTON
Just as professional athletes have "career years," a veteran Assembly Speaker may be enjoying his. As with the current baseball season, this legislative session still has a long way to go. But so far, Willie Brown is performing at a Hall of Fame clip--in contrast to the hall of shame image seen for years by many Californians. First there was his showcase economic summit. Then his mediating that avoided a Los Angeles teachers strike.
July 15, 1993 | SCOTT HARRIS
It's a private little affair--a brother and a sister feuding over the parents' estate. It seems to be less a matter of money than sentiment, bad blood and "principle." The dispute, you see, centers on the possession of some of Dad's artwork--and the man only sold two paintings in his lifetime. But what infuriates the Van Nuys businesswoman we'll call Jane North isn't the way her husband and sister-in-law are butting heads.
November 13, 1987 | GAYLORD SHAW, Times Staff Writer
California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown today will be named national chairman of the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Democratic presidential campaign. Sources close to Jackson hailed the announcement, to be made by the candidate at a Chicago news conference, as a significant development in his twin quests to enlist nationally known black political leaders in his second bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and to bring experienced politicians into leadership positions in his campaign.
In a highly unusual move, Assembly Speaker Willie Brown personally lobbied San Diego State University to hire Jerry Tarkanian, the controversial University of Nevada-Las Vegas basketball coach who has been dogged by charges of NCAA rules violations. Jimmy Lewis, Brown's spokesman in Sacramento, said late Friday that the powerful politician made his wishes about Tarkanian known in a phone call to the San Diego school. "He did make a call to San Diego State, recommending that they consider Mr.
June 27, 2000 | PATT MORRISON
Mayor Willie Brown is slipping. Not in the polls, at least not markedly--he did get reelected, after all. But last year he was No. 13 on the city payroll's moneymaker list. This year, he ranks No. 25; 24 of his employees took home more than the mayor's $147,000.
May 7, 1988 | JERRY GILLAM, Times Staff Writer
The Democratic challenger in one of the Assembly's most contentious primary election races is banking on money from Speaker Willie Brown or his political allies in an effort to upset an incumbent member of the dissident "Gang of Five." Joe Baca, a former U.S. Army paratrooper, realizes that he faces an uphill fight for the Democratic nomination against Gerald R. Eaves (D-Rialto). Nonetheless, Baca exudes confidence.
January 13, 1996 | From Associated Press
Perched on a stool in her hat shop, Ruth Garland-Dewson, a vision in purple pants, colorful tunic, clanking baubles and fuchsia lipstick, is enthralled with the recent change in City Hall. "Honey, you have no idea what Willie Brown has done for my business," she gushed. "I have had people from all over the [San Francisco] Bay Area calling to ask for the 'Willie hat.' " Unfortunately, she added, "they usually don't want to pay the Willie price."
November 13, 1992 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
The Federal Communications Commission has approved the sale of an Oakland radio station to Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (D-San Francisco) and Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris for $1.6 million. KDIA-AM is being purchased from Ragan Henry, the Philadelphia-based owner of a nationwide group of black-oriented radio stations, said Aleta Carpenter, KDIA general manager. She said the sale could be completed as early as next week.
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