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November 7, 1989 | from Associated Press
Actress Bette Davis left her daughters and grandsons out of her nearly $1- million estate, according to a will filed for probate Monday. The bulk of the estate is split between her son and a close friend. Davis, who died on Oct. 6 of cancer at age 81, had been estranged from her daughter, Barbara Davis Hyman of Charlottesville, Va., since Hyman's book, "My Mother's Keeper," was published in 1985.
April 27, 2014 | By Steve Dilbeck
Clayton Kershaw likes to win. He's absolutely used to winning, as his two Cy Young awards attest. Yet he lost one battle Sunday, without ever taking the mound. The Dodgers brought down the hammer, telling Kershaw that despite his campaigning otherwise , he will make another rehab start before rejoining the rotation. And don't think for a moment the competitive Kershaw was happy about it. “Not really, but I did the best I could,” Kershaw said. “But I'm not going to fight the team if everybody doesn't want me to do something.
Even before AIDS-stricken rap star Eric (Eazy-E) Wright was laid to rest earlier this month, Wright's former lovers and business associates were haggling in Los Angeles Superior Court for control over his dwindling fortune. "It's sad and it's shocking," said the rapper's 26-year-old widow, Tomica Woods Wright, who has a year-old child by Wright and is pregnant with another, due in September. "A lot of people who claim to know (Wright) really didn't.
April 27, 2014 | Doyle McManus
Hillary Rodham Clinton sure sounds like a woman who wants to run for president. "If you really want to do something, if you believe you're the right person to do it, if you think that it could make a difference, then you have to be willing to compete, to get into the arena," she told an audience at Simmons College last week. And women in their 60s aren't too old to be effective, she added. Far from it. At that age, "women are raring to go because they feel like they've fulfilled their responsibilities, their kids are now on their own, it's now time for them to show what they can do. " Plenty of Democrats hope Clinton heeds her own words.
A man who says that he is the adopted son of the late Rev. James Cleveland wants to lay claim to a share of the fortune left behind when the Grammy-winning singer known as the "King of Gospel" died in February. Andre M. Cleveland of Northridge, a rhythm and blues record producer, asserted at a news conference Tuesday that he is entitled to half of the Cleveland estate, estimated at $6 million.
August 21, 1995
Your editorial, "Living Wills: Do They Work?" (Aug. 13), covers several important and valid points, but one aspect was not mentioned: California declarations or durable power of attorney for health care forms are not effective in the event of a sudden emergency. Ambulance personnel are required to provide CPR unless they are provided with a separate non-hospital do not resuscitate (DNR) order. If this concerns you, ask your doctor or local hospital for more information about a non-hospital DNR order, contact Choice in Dying, 200 Varick St., New York, N.Y., 10014, or call (800)
October 18, 2011 | By Jeffrey Fleishman, Los Angeles Times
In keystroke bursts of poetry, defiance and humor, Egyptian activists are posting their wills on Twitter. The electronic missives, vibrant with immediacy and edged with wit, specify how organs should be donated and small sums of money spent. One activist asked that his picture not be posted on Facebook so as to spare his mother pain. Another sought to calm the country's deepening sectarianism by arranging for a grave in a cemetery shared by Christians and Muslims. "Bury me in the grassy island in [Tahrir]
November 17, 2003
Re "Living Wills: Not a Be-All and End-All," Commentary, Nov. 12: The authors do a disservice to California residents by arguing vigorously that it is useless to fill out living wills. In California, "living will" is the commonly used term to refer to the legal mechanism that the authors themselves approve of at the end of their article -- the appointment of a surrogate health-care decision maker. California has led the way in developing effective living wills. The current version of this statute is the Advanced Health Care Directive (Probate Code Sections 4700-4701)
August 19, 1988 | PETER H. KING, Times Staff Writer
Question: Are you stating now that he left the party before it was over? Answer: When Liberace leaves . . . the party is over. That is what I am saying. --Dorothy McMahon, Liberace's maid, testifying about pianist's last Christmas. Celebrity is to Las Vegas what steel is to Pittsburgh. Here in the kingdom of Wayne and Frank, a city of excessive light and hyperbole, entertainers are fed to the strip's neon maw and made over as celebrities, as living legends. Immortals.
June 25, 2004
The beheading of American Paul M. Johnson Jr. in Saudi Arabia and now South Korean Kim Sun Il in Iraq (June 23) is a painful and powerful reminder that we, the U.S., are intruders in a part of the world where we have no business. Unless, of course, you are talking about oil. Take the oil out of the equation and Americans would be just as scarce in the Middle East as they now are in Africa, where deaths from crimes against humanity are rampant. We are engaged in a test of wills; President Bush is determined to maintain a presence in the Middle East, and the Muslim world is determined that it will not happen.
April 27, 2014 | By Esmeralda Bermudez
Getting the strangers to open up wasn't easy. But Jesus Rodriguez, a high school senior, pressed on, clipboard and questionnaire in hand. He and about 15 other students spent Thursday evening at MacArthur Park, interviewing people about their lives, their well-being and the health of their neighborhood. Their responses will be the basis for an intricate art installation to be displayed at the park in the fall. For Rodriguez, 18, the exercise was eye-opening. He spent two hours approaching random men and women, some of them homeless.
April 27, 2014 | By David G. Savage
WASHINGTON - Justice Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court's new champion of the 4th Amendment, is likely to play a crucial role Tuesday when the court hears this year's most important search case: whether the police may routinely examine the digital contents of a cellphone confiscated during an arrest. Civil libertarians say the stakes are high because arrests are so common - 13.1 million were made in 2010, according to the FBI - and smartphones hold so much private information. Under current law, officers may search a person under arrest, checking pockets and looking through a wallet or purse.
April 26, 2014 | By Ben Bolch
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told reporters in Memphis, Tenn., on Saturday evening that racist remarks allegedly made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling were “truly offensive and disturbing” and said the league intended to conduct an investigation into the recording's authenticity that would “move extraordinarily quickly,” possibly concluding in the next few days. Silver would not comment on possible repercussions for Sterling should the league be satisfied it was his voice on the recording.
April 26, 2014 | By Chris Foster
UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley was a bit flustered, something opposing defenses might not be able to cause this fall. Asked how the college football world will greet the Bruins when they return for August training camp, Hundley said, "Great question. With open arms?" Hundley turned serious, "That's a tough question to answer because what I expect is different from what everyone else will expect of us. " Actually, not so much. The bar will be set high for UCLA entering the 2014 season … in the locker room and in the public's eye. "We definitely should be considered as a big-time program," said linebacker Myles Jack.
April 26, 2014 | By Maher Abukhater
RAMALLAH, West Bank - Seeking to calm critics of his reconciliation efforts with the militant Hamas group, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday the unity government he plans to head will renounce violence and recognize Israel. Abbas, who rules in the West Bank, and Hamas, the fundamentalist Islamic movement that has controlled the Gaza Strip after ousting Abbas' forces in a brief armed battle in June 2007, reached an agreement on Thursday to reconcile their differences.
April 26, 2014 | By James Barragan
The NCAA and its member institutions often refer to "student-athletes," but the front side of the term isn't often highlighted in a sports section. We asked officials from the Southland's Division I universities to point us toward their best and brightest - the teams that made classroom performance a priority. Here is what we found at Loyola Marymount: The Seaver School of Science and Engineering at Loyola Marymount is not for the faint of academic heart. But it's where a fair share of Loyola Marymount athletes - 27 of 395 to be exact - focus their studies.
November 20, 1987 | KEVIN THOMAS, Times Staff Writer
"Obsessions" (at the Los Feliz) is a modest, engaging and sensitive independent feature that is impressive in various ways even though it ends unsatisfactorily. The film has no distributor, so there is a possibility that its makers--executive producer Vic Burner, cinematographer-director Jacob Eleasari and his co-writer, Randall Ullmer--could still work out a more satisfying finish. It's a drama of psychological suspense in which a battle of wills develops between a pretty religious fanatic (d.
May 28, 2000 | INDRANEEL SUR
You may not need a will. Or you may want an elaborately designed trust drafted with the help of lawyers and bankers. Here is a quick guide to common inheritance situations: * Suppose your uncle just died without a will, leaving your aunt and cousins as heirs. Assets such as a home, a car and bank accounts that your uncle and aunt held as joint tenants with the right of survivorship would continue to be held by your aunt. Insurance policies would be paid out to whoever is named as a beneficiary.
April 25, 2014 | By Mike DiGiovanna
NEW YORK - The Angels did not require the services of a closer Friday night. An offense that administered a rare beatdown of starter Hiroki Kuroda and pounded reliever Bruce Billings into submission in a 13-1 shellacking of the New York Yankees - the largest-ever margin of victory for the Angels in Yankee Stadium - made sure of that. The Angels crushed four home runs - a two-run shot to center field by Ian Stewart, a solo shot to left by Albert Pujols, a three-run shot to right-center by Erick Aybar and a solo shot to left by Collin Cowgill - to increase their major league-leading total to 35. With five more games this month, the Angels have broken the franchise record of 34 homers in April, set in 2000.
April 25, 2014 | By Jessica Garrison
The industrial city of Vernon in southeast Los Angeles County has long been known for its small number of residents and voters--just 42 turned out for a municipal election last year, for example. So on Friday, when city leaders and state and national elected officials announced the groundbreaking of a new apartment complex in the city, it was hailed as a "good governance reform" that will bring more voters to the city. The 45-unit Vernon Village Park is hailed as an environmentally conscious, energy-efficient facility that, as city officials put it, "will make the concept of a live/work community a reality in Vernon.
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