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Wilson High School

January 14, 1998
Forty-five Long Beach student writers are going to New York to receive the 1998 Spirit of Anne Frank Award. The Anne Frank Center USA will present the award to the "Freedom Writers" and their Wilson High School teacher, Erin Gruwell, on Thursday in Rockefeller Center. The students will also meet with New York Gov. George Pataki. The "Freedom Writers," a group of 150 high school authors, have written a book in diary form about their own life-shaping events.
March 15, 1988 | CHRIS PASLES
Twelve singers from Southland high schools were declared winners in the fourth annual Young Singer of the Year Competition sponsored by UC Irvine and Rotary International this weekend at UCI. Gold, silver and bronze medalists received $300, $200 and $100, respectively, in each of four categories: female classical, male classical, female semiclassical and male semiclassical.
May 2, 1993 | MARY ANNE PEREZ
Enrique Rosas sat with his friends in a Wilson High School classroom, a mural adorning the wall behind them. Pointing to a video camera operated by teacher Neal Haworth, he asked, "Hey, are you under pressure to join in? Then why don't you join some of my friends." His friends, mostly seniors in Haworth's government economics class, chimed in with suggestions to avoid gangs, such as running track, becoming a mechanic, working on computers and even reading a book.
January 30, 1994 | MARY ANNE PEREZ
On the walls of their classrooms hang three-dimensional illustrations of the birth canal, and their reading material includes children's books that they might want to read to their babies after giving birth. The girls at Thomas Riley High School East, a cluster of bungalows on the Wilson High School campus offering special physical education and childbirth classes, have chosen to attend the school after wrangling with the difficult situation of finding themselves pregnant.
The Super Quiz, the last contest of the ninth Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon, attracted the most attention because it was the only part of the event open to the public. Saturday's contest at the Gahr High School gymnasium in Cerritos attracted crowds of screaming parents and well-wishers. The winning Super Quiz team gets a trophy and bragging rights regardless of how well it scores in the overall competition. The Super Quiz works this way: One student from each team goes to the gym floor.
January 26, 1989
The Long Beach Unified School District is attempting to purchase 11 acres of city parkland next to Wilson High School as an alternative to razing about 30 houses to make way for a new science building. Speaking at a school board meeting earlier this week, Supt. E. Tom Giugni said the district is negotiating with the city, which has expressed a willingness to sell Blair Field, Rogers Field and Billie Jean King Tennis Courts in Recreation Park.
March 21, 2009 | Seema Mehta
About 170 students and staff members at Wilson High School will be tested for possible exposure to tuberculosis, according to the Long Beach Unified School District. The screening, which parents will be notified about on Monday, was prompted by the infection of an individual at the school and will be conducted in early April. People who had contact with the infected person will have a substance injected under the skin of their forearm. The area will be checked a few days later, and, if signs of exposure are present, the person's chest will be X-rayed by the city's health department or their personal physician, Robert Tagorda, assistant to the superintendent, said.
November 30, 1989
In a 4-1 vote, the Board of Education this week condemned 23 properties near Wilson High School to make way for a new science building. The volatile issue is headed next for court, where a group of homeowners plans to battle the Long Beach Unified School District to prevent their homes from being razed. The four-acre parcel is being sought to create athletic fields that would make room on the main campus for a new science building.
March 19, 1996
A years-long correspondence and fund-raiser is about to pay off for a group of Long Beach students as they prepare to meet 15-year-old Zlata Filipovic, whose widely published diary provided a child's perspective on war-torn Sarajevo. The weeklong visit will begin with a dinner Sunday night in Newport Beach, when Filipovic is scheduled to meet the students of a popular world literature course at Wilson High School.
Already, 15-year-old Jennifer Custer, a would-be U.S. senator, exhibits a politician's sense of image. She calls people her age young adults, not teen-agers. "I don't like the word teen-ager. That's kind of stereotypical," announced Custer, a sophomore at St.
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