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August 13, 1987 | NATHAN CHROMAN, Chroman is a free-lance wine writer and author who also practices law in Beverly Hills
In some parts of the wine world, when a talented wine maker forsakes the vineyard region of his birth for another, it is likely to be regarded as a veritable act of treason. That is the risk Franco Giacosa took when he left his native Alba, in the heart of Barolo Piedmont country, to become the chief wine maker at Duca di Salaparuta Winery in Sicily, a region better known for Marsala.
July 18, 2010
If you go The BEST WAY TO THE EASTERN TOWNSHIPS From LAX, nonstop service to Montreal is offered on Air Canada, and connecting service (change of planes) is offered on Delta, United, Continental and US Airways. Restricted round-trip fares begin at $471. WHAT TO DO The self-guided Route des Vins de Brome-Missisquoi, (888) 811-4928, , was developed by the region's wine industry and local governments and covers nearly all Eastern Townships wineries, farmers and restaurants serving area wines.
January 13, 2002
For weeks I've rushed to the Sunday Calendar listings, to "Moulin Rouge," to read again "a film that can't escape the defects of its virtues." What a marvelous phrase. I'm using it daily to describe restaurants, wines, books, autos, politicians. My wife threatens to leave me if I don't stop. I will try. But first I must know what the phrase means. I rented the movie for guidance. No luck. Please, Kenneth Turan, or someone, explain before she literally escapes the defects of my virtues.
July 14, 2011
Enjoy a dinner inspired by ancient Roman recipes and learn about culinary pleasures in the time of Caesar during At the Roman Table: A Culinary Adventure. Food historian Andrew Dalby speaks about the nature of power dining in ancient Rome, identifying great wines, local produce and luxuries that made up a fashionable dinner 2,000 years ago. The Getty Villa, 17985 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades. 7-10 p.m. Thu. and Fri. $75 includes lecture, four-course dinner served family style and wine.
March 9, 1989 | BETSY BALSLEY, Times Food Editor
Every fan of English historical novels or Regency romances is familiar with the fact that at least once in each story the ladies retire from the dining room after dinner, leaving the gentlemen to their Port and cigars. It was a classic example of the sort of sexism that would raise hackles today, whether one likes Port and cigars or not. Fortunately, today's Ports--and the savories that accompany them--are enjoyed by both sexes, usually together.
February 13, 2011 | By Neal Gabler
If you've seen a beer commercial in the last two years ? and how can you avoid them? ? you know the type. He's a twenty- or thirtysomething, sort of a slacker, with a beautiful and adoring girlfriend who just can't seem to pry his attention away from his suds. She expresses ardor, he looks ardently at his mug or can of beer. She wants to talk romance, he wants to talk anything but. She gets exasperated, he snuggles obliviously with his beer as she departs in a huff. Most modern takes on manhood say that guys will do anything to bed a woman, but this is a new kind of man, and he seems to be everywhere these days, not just on beer commercials but in movies, on TV, on hundreds of morning radio shows and in bestselling books, to the point where he is generating a culture of new masculinity.
December 21, 1986 | Betsy Balsley
Pleasures of the Table by Florence Fabricant (Harry N. Abrams: 175 pp., illustrated). Beware! Make no mistake about this book. It's a beautiful volume with photos, mostly by Matthew Klein, that woo the senses. But, and this is a big "but," this book belongs on the kitchen bookshelf where it is handy for the cook, not in the living room. Based on the monthly column that food writer Florence Fabricant has written for Signature magazine over the years, the book offers a selection of menus that range from formal dinner parties to some delectable suggestions for dining alfresco.
August 23, 1998
I was in Los Angeles last fall and was able to catch your review of travel destinations in New England for fall foliage ("All Aboard for Fall," Sept. 7). I thought you might be interested in another travel destination that includes all the foliage splendor that the eyes can take in, as well as the best in arts and entertainment, accommodations and Colonial history. This place is Ithaca, N.Y., and the Finger Lakes region. I will admit I am partial to the area because I am a graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca.
January 10, 2013 | By Betty Hallock
Old Soul , the previously announced Jeremy Fox dinner series hosted by This Is Not a Pop-Up, has been canceled, but in its place is a roster of weeklong residencies from various chefs throughout January and beyond. The dinners take place every Thursday to Sunday at Square One Dining, starting Jan. 17 to 20 with James Trees' restaurant concept Treehouse. He's followed by a dinner series from Adam Gertler (Jan. 24 to 27), Bruce Kalman of the Churchill (Jan. 31 to Feb. 3), Tyler Wells of Handsome Coffee (Feb.
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