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May 5, 2004 | Gina Piccalo and Shawn Hubler, Times Staff Writers
He's a middle-aged black porn actor who had wanted to be a policeman. Known for his conscientiousness, he'd ask costars to refrain from smoking even as they were having unprotected group sex. She's a white French Canadian stripper with waif-like eyes and a history of depression. Her dream was to open her own escort service. Or become a fashion designer. Or cut a rap CD with Missy Elliott.
September 26, 1993 | SCOTT HARRIS
"There really isn't a town called Winnetka," the voice of directory assistance insisted. "It's just a street in Canoga Park." If at first you don't succeed, try 411 again. Operator No. 2 was aware of Winnetka's existence, but found no trace of a business association. "Tell you what," he said. "I can give you the Canoga Park Chamber of Commerce. That's right next to Winnetka." Eventually, I was able to confirm that Winnetka and its chamber really do exist.
March 15, 1994 | JILL LEOVY
Residents in what is now called South Winnetka are seeking a name change that would make their neighborhood part of Woodland Hills, and they have begun joining the Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization to speed up the process. The attempt is the most recent in a long series of controversies over San Fernando Valley place names. And it's likely to add another dimension to a long-standing muddle in the South Winnetka area over what the place is really called.
October 24, 1995 | FRANK B. WILLIAMS
An early-morning bomb scare at a Bank of America branch in Winnetka on Monday turned out to be over a small box of batteries, Los Angeles police said. Sgt. Robert Weisz of the West Valley Division said employees at the branch near Roscoe Boulevard and Winnetka Avenue said an unidentified man called the bank about 9:30 a.m. and said he had left a bomb near the back door. After blocking off traffic and evacuating buildings near the bank, the bomb squad examined the box and decided to detonate it.
February 20, 1996 | FRANK MANNING
A newly formed nonprofit organization, Artists Against Oppression, will hold its first benefit, a wine-and-cheese party Sunday at the Winnetka home of one of its founders. Member Jeanne Collachia, a filmmaker, said part of the proceeds will go to provide financial assistance to Thai nationals who were held in slave-like conditions in the recent El Monte sweatshop case.
December 19, 1997 | EDWARD M. YOON
Not wanting to be left out of the multiplex craze, Pacific Theatres will open two new mega-movie houses in 1998. The 5,900-seat Pacific Theatres Winnetka 20, being built on the site of the former Winnetka Drive-In at Winnetka Avenue and Prairie Street in Chatsworth, will be the Valley's new king of multiplexes when it opens Feb. 6. Its number of screens will surpass the 18 at the Cineplex Odeon Theatres on Universal CityWalk and the 16 at the AMC's facility at the Promenade in Woodland Hills.
October 2, 1995 | KAY HWANGBO
Major road work is under way on sections of Winnetka Avenue, roughly between Roscoe Boulevard and the Ventura Freeway, in a project that is likely to inconvenience motorists. Last week, the city Bureau of Street Maintenance began removing old pavement along Winnetka from Roscoe to Sherman Way, in a process that should end Wednesday, according to Gregory L. Scott, an assistant director of street maintenance. After a monthlong respite, laying of new asphalt on that section will begin Nov. 6.
March 3, 1992 | JOCELYN Y. STEWART
A recycling center in Winnetka was ordered to pay $13,576 in fines after it was found guilty of cheating people who brought in scrap aluminum cans, Los Angeles City Atty. James K. Hahn said Monday. Southland UBC Corp., 20009 Roscoe Blvd., "was used by numerous homeless persons who collect aluminum cans and sell them for income," Hahn said.
September 13, 1995 | DAVID E. BRADY
To the two dozen residents of a Winnetka neighborhood between Saticoy and Valerio streets, the alley behind their homes is a corridor of graffiti, trash, drug deals and public sex. To police, the problems are overblown. For more than a year, neighbors have been trying to persuade city officials to install locked gates at each end of the passageway that runs behind houses along Winnetka and Quakertown avenues. Police remain unconvinced that gates are needed.
November 18, 1994 | MAKI BECKER
When Marian Reimann, assistant principal at Sutter Middle School, was asked if her school might be interested in a $50,000 grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, she said she was glad that she was sitting down. With the grant, the school created a Parent Community Resource Center at an abandoned agricultural site at the edge of the Winnetka campus. Sutter also was able to hire a full-time nurse with the grant.
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