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Witch Hunt

July 5, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Nearly 400 people were killed by mobs in a witch hunt last month in northeastern Congo and nearly 300 fled to escape the bloodshed, a Ugandan military intelligence officer said. "The latest report we have received is that 394 people have been killed and 283 displaced," Capt. Alfred Opio said in Kampala, Uganda's capital.
October 15, 1988 | GEORGE FRANK, Times Staff Writer
The attorney representing Orange County Municipal Judge Brian R. Carter said Friday that his client has been subjected to "character assassination" and that he feared a state investigation of the judge could become a witch hunt. The California Commission on Judicial Performance announced Thursday that it had ordered a formal hearing into allegations against Carter, a veteran judge in the Harbor Municipal Court that serves the cities of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Irvine.
January 14, 1990 | From United Press International
The attorney for William Bennett, the man who was falsely accused of slaying a pregnant woman and wounding her husband, said Saturday that authorities had conducted a "witch hunt" for suspects, and he called for an investigation of Boston police and Suffolk County Dist. Atty. Newman Flanagan.
Embattled Newport Beach Police Chief Arb Campbell and Capt. Anthony Villa, accused by employees of rape and sexual harassment, filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Newport Beach on Thursday, saying their civil rights have been violated in a continuing "witch hunt." Campbell and Villa claim the city's weeks-long investigation, in which nearly 150 employees are being interviewed, is biased and that some of those questioned have been threatened. It also alleges that City Manager Kevin J.
July 16, 1987 | VICTOR MERINA, Times Staff Writer
The lawyer for Sylvia Cunliffe, who is the target of administrative and criminal investigations into her conduct as chief of Los Angeles' General Services Department, claimed Wednesday that his client is the victim of "an unrelenting witch hunt." Attorney Godfrey Isaac, in a bitter attack against Cunliffe's critics, said that allegations against her of mismanagement, favoritism and the misuse of confidential personnel information are based on "unfair and unfounded charges."
October 11, 1990 | From Reuters
Police Wednesday arrested the husband of ousted Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who denounced the move as a "pure witch hunt" to intimidate her during the current election campaign. Businessman Asif Ali Zardari was arrested in Karachi for alleged involvement in an extortion case and two cases of illegal bank loans, state television said.
September 11, 1986 | MIKE WARD, Times Staff Writer
In the wake of Police Chief Jon Elder's leave of absence for stress-related health problems, Mayor G. Monty Manibog has accused two council members of conducting "a vicious witch hunt" against the chief and his department. One of the two councilmen criticized by Manibog says the mayor is being overly protective of the Police Department. And another council member, who was not the target of Manibog's criticism, says the mayor is making unsubstantiated charges.
December 10, 1994 | RAY LOYND
As a withering satire of the Red scare in Hollywood, "Witch Hunt" is a stinging comedy. But this HBO movie, stylishly directed by Paul Schrader, is much more: a timeless parody, a film noir mystery, a wicked commentary on the star factory and a visual valentine to 1950's architecture and pill box hats. Featuring Dennis Hopper as a droll gumshoe, Penelope Ann Miller as a sexy starlet and Eric Bogosian as a Sen.
Lawyers for the Port Hueneme woman who bludgeoned her lover's wife to death will ask an appellate court this week to overturn her conviction, arguing that the trial literally was a witch hunt. In one of Ventura County's most sensational murder cases, Diana Haun, 39, was convicted in 1997 of kidnapping and killing Sherri Dally, a 35-year-old homemaker.
June 4, 2002 | ROBERT SCHEER, Robert Scheer writes a syndicated column.
Nothing succeeds like failure. Suddenly, everyone wants to grant the FBI and other intelligence agencies even more power despite the fact that they failed so spectacularly to utilize the expansive powers they had to head off terrorism before Sept. 11. In a sign of mass impotent rage, liberal columnists and politicians are joining right-wing talk show blatherers in insisting the FBI not be "hamstrung" by the restraints of civil liberty. First to go?
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