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January 10, 1986 | SUZANNE MUCHNIC
Willem de Kooning's career is nearly all here in a show of 22 works on paper that skip lightly across 45 years of his celebrated painting. More often than not, the figure is present, too, emphasizing De Kooning's reputation as the only major Abstract Expressionist who clung to human images.
The little boy's voice squeaked with concern and a little fear: "But why did Bridget Bishop scratch the face of the neighbor's son when he visited her?" he asked. Bishop, wearing a scarlet dress that seemed cut to shock, answered sharply: "What would you do if someone was sent over to find out if you were a witch?"
November 6, 2013 | By Patrick Kevin Day
"American Horror Story" will live to frighten another day. FX announced on Wednesday that Ryan Murphy's "miniseries franchise" would return for another cycle. Murphy's take on the horror genre, which involves a repertory group of actors performing completely different characters from season to season, has been a huge success for FX, with the third installment, "American Horror Story: Coven," pulling in an audience 87% higher than last season in total viewers. Season 3, which has aired four of its 13 episode, is averaging 7.74 million viewers per episode.
October 30, 1987 | ROBERT KOEHLER
You know something's different at the Globe Playhouse when you're handed a program with typeset copy. Could a good program be a sign of good Shakespeare? In this case, a good "Macbeth"? The program credits raised some doubts. "Directed by Frederick Hoffman, text edited and arranged by Mr. Hoffman." Just what the doctor ordered: another director tyrannizing the text. Then farther down the page: "Act I, The Instruments of Darkness; Act II, The Tyrant's Power Afoot; Act III, The Royalty of Nature."
October 31, 2013 | By Patrick Kevin Day
Jimmy Kimmel assembled a crew of cute kids in full Halloween costume Wednesday night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to deliver a Very Important Message on the proper procedures of Halloween. It may seem like a no-brainer, but despite decades of tradition, it seems some people need a quick refresher about how to behave for the hordes of trick or treaters who show up at their house on Halloween. Specifically, save all the healthy stuff and pass out the sweets. It's just that easy. The choir warbled, "Save the toothbrush for yourself / Put the apples back on the shelf / Don't even bother with mixed nuts / And shove those pennies up your butt.
November 6, 1987 | DAVID RICHARDS, The Washington Post
Stephen Sondheim writes musicals like no one else, so it is only natural that, drawing on the bedtime stories of our childhood, he would come up with a fairy tale musical like no other. It is called "Into the Woods"--those deep, dark woods through which Little Red Riding Hood skips on her way to Grandma's and Cinderella flees on her mad dash from the ball.
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