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June 26, 1994
Controversy is the basis for spicy journalism. The fact that Santa Monica High School's yearbook is an impressive show of students' creativity is not. In the June 17 article on this year's Nautilus, your reporter took far-fetched rumors that the yearbook was racist, satanic and explicit, and printed them as fact. In the opening section of the yearbook, our homecoming page is titled with a typographical error. You (reported the inference) that this was a racial slur. The yearbook staff proved that the accusation was false by showing your reporter a letter from the printer apologizing for the error.
June 25, 1994
The Dodger relievers no longer deserve to be associated with the word bullpen . There is nothing bullish about them. Their pitching has been so disgusting, the name should be changed to the pigpen, because, well, they stink. ROY GEBERS Newhall
June 19, 1994 | Susan Cheever, Susan Cheever is a novelist and biographer. "A Woman's Life," her biography of an ordinary woman, was published this month by William Morrow
"I always trust the microcosm over the macrocosm," writes Gloria Steinem in her book of six essays, "Moving Beyong Words." Although on the surface this book appears to be a whole book of microcosms--a couple of essays on money, a 10-year-old profile of a female body builder, a dissertation on Freudian politics--in fact, the book is part of the intelligent, articulate, witty macrocosm that is Gloria Steinem.
Talk about the yearbook from hell. Readers of Santa Monica High School's "Nautilus," released last week, were jolted when they turned the cover upside down: The word Satan can be seen within the fanciful orange and black lettering of the yearbook name. That's not all. There are the mushrooms--references to drugs, some say--within the surreal drawing on the cover that the student artist said was a rendering of a scene from a Super Mario Bros. video graphic.
June 14, 1994 | SCOTT HARRIS
The terms bleeding-heart liberal and Republican are thought to be mutually exclusive. So let the record show that Elena Hubbell, board president of the Burbank Unified School District, is not a bleeding-heart liberal. "I tend to be very, very conservative," she says. I called Hubbell in search of perspective on the voters' rejection last Tuesday of the state's $2-billion earthquake-relief bond measure.
May 1, 1994
I am dismayed by the increasing use in The Times, and especially Calendar, of the French word sans to mean without . This is ohne any justification. Sometimes a foreign word or phrase cannot be replaced b'li losing the writer's intended meaning. But sans simply means without , bez any additional nuance. Its use is pretentious, intended to lend an air of "culture" to writing otherwise nashi de distinction. The overuse of sans in print has now stimulated its use in conversation, pronounced as if it were the English word sands , bahar even the slightest attempt at imitating the sound of the word in French.
April 30, 1994
Caryl Rivers' article "Is Any Husband Better Than None?" (Commentary, April 19) was interesting and informative. However, like so many recent articles involving men and women, it was written to portray the female as the victim and the male counterpart as the culprit. This is not a sexist issue. The answer, if there is one, is pregnancy reduction. Education and access to contraception are certainly part of the answer to this problem, as is responsible parenthood. Each of these teens have parents, where are they?
April 13, 1994
As a pediatric dentist, I would like to take issue with a point in "Treating Kids' Fears Before Doctor Visit" (March 23, 1994). I disagree that the child should be told prior to the visit about the possibility of needing a shot or other painful procedure. I believe it is important to be truthful, but mentioning the word shot is stressful, and this could lead to further questions by the child, such as, "How and why and where will I get the shot?" The parent, in trying to answer these questions, rarely understands the doctor's procedures, and this is where the parent's explanation always falls short of what actually happens.
March 20, 1994
I'm sure it was not Daniel Cerone's fault, but there are many inaccuracies in his article "Expatriate Games" (March 6): I did not do any acting in the film "Day of Reckoning," nor was I ever interested in doing such. I was the co-creator and co-executive producer of this Paramount Studios-NBC movie. The article suggests my partner Stirling Silliphant and I are at "odds" over the production, the deal-making and the results of the final product. Nothing could be further from the truth.
February 20, 1994
Regarding Antonio Asasta Sweet's diatribe, (Letters, Feb. 6): He writes that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) is a racist and is dehumanizing and criminalizing a whole population! What tommyrot. Rohrabacher has never referred to American citizens (as Acosta wrote he became) in his efforts for justice, only to illegal immigrants in this country. Acosta Sweet is the one who has his facts incorrect. Congrats, Acosta Sweet, on being a wage-earner, professional and "educated."
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