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December 15, 2005 | Matea Gold
The Writers Guilds announced nominations Wednesday for outstanding television writing during 2005, including three new award categories for excellence in episodic writing. Nominations for best writing of a dramatic series went to HBO's "Deadwood" and "Six Feet Under," ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and "Lost," and NBC's "The West Wing."
August 16, 1992
Kudos to Bob Sipchen for his article, "We Sing to Keep From Crying" (Aug. 2). Both my 78-year-old mother and I read it, and we found it so moving that we could not keep from crying. A beautiful, honest piece of writing. I'll clip it to share with my students as a fine example of truth-telling. MARILYN KATHRYN HARRINGTON Writing Skills Program CalPoly, San Luis Obispo
March 1, 1992
And God said unto them: "i before e, except after c!" MARLENE STEIN Pahrump, Nev .
January 4, 2007
"Wooing With Writing: A Story's Quick End," [Dec. 28] is one of the cleverest articles you've had in The Times in a long time. Get rid of Joel Stein and give Stephen Krcmar his space. ERIC COOPER Santa Monica
June 9, 2005
I was pleased to see the return of Lili Singer ["Clambering for Attention," May 12, and "The Hubbub Over Heucheras," June 2]. Her deep knowledge of plants and plant resources combined with her fresh writing style draw me into her articles. Nancy Pine Altadena
August 9, 2001
Re "How Can Writing in Your Journal Be a Crime?" Opinion, Aug. 5: I wholeheartedly agree with Joe Loya and his excellent depiction of the importance of journal writing. I was a troubled teen and used writing to work through my anger. I know that there were many inappropriate subjects I wrote about, mostly in poetic form. Things like strangling and raping girls. I never acted, nor would I ever have. It was more of an internal struggle for who I was and dealing with internal anger and pain.
May 24, 2007
Denise Martin mused that the last "Gilmore Girls" episode drew the series to a comfortable close [" 'Gilmore Girls' Is Sealed With a Kiss," May 17]. That may be true, but how do the fans erase memories of a dismal seventh-season story line? I think the fans understood these characters better than the creative people behind the show. How could they replace Diner Luke with a whiny Christopher plotline? Luke and the diner were central to the success of the show and were sadly missed this season.
May 19, 1991
You are to be commended for giving generous space to the question of letter writing! Kenneth Zimmerman certainly holds his own, and I, for one, hope that ultimately some recognition will be given to letter-writing as a respectable genre of its own. And why not? After all, we had as a best-seller a novel composed entirely of letters: Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey's "A Woman of Independent Means." A. R. Gurney's delightful play, "Love Letters," which opened last year, has been extended for an indefinite run with impressive casts reading letters back and forth to each other.
August 7, 1994
From the Emmy nominations announced last week, the television academy sent out a message that there was not one other quality drama series in a whole season that deserved recognition for writing other than "NYPD Blue" (ABC). If such is the case, that does not bode well for the future of commercial television. Congratulations to the producers, writers, cast and crew of "NYPD Blue" on their record 26 Emmy nominations. I watched every week and I applaud their efforts. However, in terms of writing, there is a far more deserving drama series that was sorely overlooked by the academy--"Picket Fences" (CBS)
October 4, 1999
The fact that only one in four California students knows how to write (Sept. 29) comes as no surprise to those of us who as graduate student teaching assistants had to grade thousands of freshman essays and exams. However, before you drop the buck on the desks of primary and secondary school educators, consider the following: It is not unusual for university professors (in the UC system, no less) to announce to their students that "writing doesn't count" in calculating their final grades.
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