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X Rays

April 10, 1989
Bombarding tumors with high-energy neutrons instead of X-rays doubles the percentage of men who survive certain inoperable prostate cancers and could save the lives of one-fourth of those now killed by the disease, scientists said last week. Prostate cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in U.S. men after lung and colorectal cancer. About 103,000 U.S. men will develop the disease this year, and 28,500 who have it will die, according to the American Cancer Society. Dr. George Laramore of the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle said the study he led indicates that one-quarter of those who die each year could be saved by nationwide adoption of neutron radiation as the treatment for such men. Neutrons are electrically neutral particles in the nucleus, or center, of an atom.
Dr. Celedonio Fernando, a neurosurgeon from Glendora Community Hospital, testified Wednesday that one of Bill Shoemaker's fingers moved slightly about five hours after his accident. Fernando, one of seven doctors who are defendants in Shoemaker's $50-million malpractice lawsuit, also said in Los Angeles County Superior Court that he thought the first diagnostic X-rays of Shoemaker were inadequate. After looking at the X-rays, Fernando said that he requested more X-rays at 1 a.m.
September 24, 1985
X-rays on San Diego State outside linebackers Jack Eaton and Brett Faryniarz proved negative, so both are expected to start Saturday night against Colorado State. Eaton has a sprained finger and Faryniarz has a bruised hand. Defensive lineman Mike Stevens will likely play Saturday despite a sprained knee. Stevens is being moved from tackle to noseguard to replace Levi Esene, who suffered a dislocated elbow last Saturday against UCLA.
April 30, 1989
Kym Weil, Hart High's ace softball pitcher, will be sidelined indefinitely after she was struck in the left ankle by an errant throw between games of a doubleheader in the Thousand Oaks tournament Saturday. Weil was taken to an area hospital where X-rays proved negative. Weil is 17-1, including Saturday's one-hit, 4-0 win over Camarillo. The Indians beat La Habra, 7-3, in the second game.
August 1, 1988 | From Staff and Wire Reports
IBM researchers have used a new technique called X-ray lithography to manufacture the most densely packed integrated circuits yet produced. Denser circuits mean faster, more powerful and more economical computers. Integrated circuits are now made by coating silicon with a light-sensitive material called a "resist" and shining light on the resist through a template of the desired circuit pattern.
April 19, 1999 | LEE DYE
The world of high tech may be expanding at a fantastic rate, but the tools needed to continue that growth must be able to work in ever smaller places. Microchip manufacturers need lithographic equipment that can create much smaller--and thus faster--chips. Biomedical researchers need devices that can work on the smallest scale, even at the level of DNA.
February 14, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates fractured his right arm in a fall on an icy step at his home and was treated at Bethesda Naval Medical Center. Gates slipped Tuesday night but decided not to be examined until the next morning when he got to the Defense Department, where he underwent a series of X-rays. He was taken to Bethesda in Maryland. Gates suffered a fracture of his upper right humerus and was fitted with a sling.
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