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December 30, 2012 | By L.J. Williamson, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Inside, the Family Fun Arcade is dark, even on a sunny day. In the back, there's a counter where you can get change, buy a can of soda for 75 cents and grab a bag of Doritos or a cellophane-covered brownie. The place is noisy, always noisy, not with the flashy whining arpeggios of slot machines or the squeals and songs common to a Chuck E. Cheese but the booms, beeps, blasts and hai-ya's particular to Street Fighter. Despite the name, Family Fun is not the typical kiddie-enticing arcade.
May 21, 2012 | By Alex Pham and Ben Fritz
Details of video game publisherActivision Blizzard Inc.'s high-profile deal in 2010 with Bungie Inc. to make an original game series has been made public for the first time as part of a separate lawsuit involving the Call of Duty game franchise. The deal with Bungie, considered one of the hottest studios in the industry, at the time helped Activision save face in the midst of an ugly legal fight with former Call of Duty developers Jason West and Vincent Zampella, whom Activision had fired a month earlier in March 2010.
November 15, 2013 | By Morgan Little
The PlayStation 4 debuts today, sparking a new round in the battle over your attention span, thumb endurance and, ultimately, checkbook. But despite all the fanfare over Sony's latest release, the PS4 will only enjoy a week alone in the spotlight, with Microsoft set to launch its own next-generation console, the Xbox One, on Nov. 22. Here's a breakdown of some of the details you'll want to know about Sony's new console: $399.99: The launch...
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