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November 15, 2013 | By Morgan Little
The PlayStation 4 debuts today, sparking a new round in the battle over your attention span, thumb endurance and, ultimately, checkbook. But despite all the fanfare over Sony's latest release, the PS4 will only enjoy a week alone in the spotlight, with Microsoft set to launch its own next-generation console, the Xbox One, on Nov. 22. Here's a breakdown of some of the details you'll want to know about Sony's new console: $399.99: The launch...
December 30, 2012 | By L.J. Williamson, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Inside, the Family Fun Arcade is dark, even on a sunny day. In the back, there's a counter where you can get change, buy a can of soda for 75 cents and grab a bag of Doritos or a cellophane-covered brownie. The place is noisy, always noisy, not with the flashy whining arpeggios of slot machines or the squeals and songs common to a Chuck E. Cheese but the booms, beeps, blasts and hai-ya's particular to Street Fighter. Despite the name, Family Fun is not the typical kiddie-enticing arcade.
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