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Yad Vashem

November 9, 1993 | Associated Press
King Juan Carlos of Spain, whose predecessors expelled tens of thousands of Jews five centuries ago, arrived in Israel on Monday for a historic visit and promised to push for peace in the Middle East. President Ezer Weizman received Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at the Rose Garden outside Parliament. The royal couple then visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.
May 20, 2001 | CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, Christopher Hitchens is a columnist for Vanity Fair and The Nation and the author most recently of "The Trial of Henry Kissinger."
When the first news of the Nazi camps was published in 1945, there were those who thought the facts might be exaggerated either by Allied war propaganda or by the human tendency to relish "atrocity stories." In his column in the London magazine Tribune, George Orwell wrote that though this might be so, the speculation was not exactly occurring in a vacuum.
December 12, 1998 | Associated Press
New York University Press has signed a contract to produce a three-volume Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before the Holocaust. It is to cover the history of Jewish communities before they were destroyed by Nazi Germany, according to NYU Press Director Niko Pfund. The 1,800-page work, with 150 illustrations, is scheduled to be published in early 2001. The project has been in the planning stages for 30 years.
May 31, 1994 | Associated Press
Gay men and lesbians Monday held the first service at Israel's Holocaust Memorial to honor the tens of thousands of homosexuals murdered by the Nazis. But the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem refused to officially sanction the event, and police detained four religious protesters who shouted "No More Gays," "AIDS!" and "Homos! May God Save You!"
May 7, 1986 | From Times Wire Services
Life in Israel came to a standstill Tuesday in somber tribute to the estimated 6 million Jews killed in the Nazi Holocaust. Precisely at 8 a.m., air raid sirens broke the morning stillness and blared steadily for two minutes across the country of some 4 million people. Traffic came to a halt, children suddenly stopped playing and pedestrians stood still--all to mark the annual Holocaust memorial day.
President Clinton made his last stop in Israel on Friday with a visit to Yad Vashem, the somber hilltop memorial to the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust. Accompanied by President Ezer Weizman, Clinton, looking pensive, stood inside the dimly lit Hall of Remembrance and listened to a children's choir sing the haunting "Eli, Eli" hymn, written by Hamma Senesh, an Israeli who died in 1944 after she parachuted behind Nazi lines in Hungary and was captured by the Germans.
July 2, 2012 | By David Ng
A Holocaust museum in Israel has slightly softened its rhetoric regarding the inaction of Pope Pius XII in the face of the deportation of Jews during World War II. Yad Vashem -- the cultural center for Holocaust studies in Jerusalem -- changed the wording on an explanatory wall panel that is part of an ongoing display. The modified wall panel, which was installed Sunday, incorporates views of those who defend the Pope.  Pope Pius XII has long been a figure of contention between the Vatican and Israel.
May 22, 1991 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Polish President Lech Walesa, visiting Israel, told Defense Minister Moshe Arens that he has decided not to sell tanks to Syria, an Arens aide said. "Walesa said he decided not to sign an agreement to sell tanks to Syria because he does not want to sell weapons to Israel's enemies," Danny Naveh, an aide to Arens, said. Walesa gave no other details on the arms deal, Naveh added.
January 19, 1985 | From Reuters
Sempo Sugihara, 85, a retired Japanese diplomat, received one of Israel's highest honors Friday for saving nearly 6,000 Jews from the Nazi Holocaust when he was a consul in Lithuania. Sugihara is the first Japanese to receive the title of "Righteous Among the Nations" given by the Israeli Yad Vashem Authority. He joins 800 other non-Jews honored for great risks they took to save Jewish lives.
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