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April 10, 1988 | Associated Press
About 100 students demonstrated outside the monthly meeting of the Yale Corporation on Saturday to demand that the university sell stock in corporations doing business with South Africa. As of June, 1987, the Yale Office of Public Information said, the university had invested $213 million in corporations doing business in South Africa.
April 18, 2014 | By Joseph Serna
Authorities say the killing on March 1, 1976, began after William Bradford Bishop Jr. learned he'd been passed over for a promotion at the State Department earlier in the day. Bishop, who had been receiving psychiatric care for depression and suffered from insomnia, grabbed a hammer and attacked his family, FBI officials say. When it was over, his wife Annette, mother Lobelia and three sons -- William Bradford III, 14, Brenton, 10, and Geoffrey, 5...
March 6, 2007 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Police issued arrest warrants on assault charges Monday for two men accused of a New Year's Eve attack on members of an all-male a cappella group from Yale University. Richard Aicardi and Brian Dwyer were charged with assaulting two members of the Baker's Dozen outside a party held in honor of the 16 student singers. Witnesses at the time said the trouble started after the vocalists sang "The Star Spangled Banner."
April 11, 2014 | By Deborah Netburn
Looking for a jet-lag cure? A new mathematical model may help you overcome jet lag faster than anyone thought possible. And scientists need your help to test it out.  A research team from the University of Michigan and Yale University has released a free iPhone app that loads a complex, jet-lag conquering model right into your smartphone. You type in your current location and destination as well as what kind of light you will have access to, and the app gives you a schedule of light exposure that should reset your internal clock in the most efficient way. "These are the fastest schedules that have ever been proposed," said Olivia Walch, a PhD student at the University of Michigan who designed the app, called Entrain . "Our schedule takes what could be 12 days of adjusting down to four.
April 4, 1986 | ELAINE KENDALL
Joining the Club: A History of Jews and Yale by Dan A. Oren (Yale University: $29.95) The venerable Yale University Press has itself joined a kind of publishing club by presenting this formidably detailed account of the Jewish experience at Yale as if it were a broad social history, which for all its virtues it is not. Back when such specialized books appeared with titles like "Intolerance and Esteem: Two Centuries of Academic Ambivalence," you knew what to expect.
October 14, 2013 | By Don Lee
The question seems simple, but shedding light on the answer was worth a Nobel Prize for three American economists: How do we know how much an item is worth? Eugene F. Fama and Lars Peter Hansen of the University of Chicago and Robert J. Shiller of Yale University spent decades working on that problem, separately pioneering two competing views on finance that have strongly influenced the way people save and invest as well as major issues in public policy. Fama, 74, spent a five-decade career in Chicago demonstrating how well free markets can determine the value of stocks, bonds and other assets.
February 7, 1986 | United Press International
Yale University undergraduates' tuition and fees will rise to $16,040 next year, officials said Thursday.
April 28, 1988 | United Press International
Frank M. Turner, professor of history at Yale University, will become the Ivy League school's next provost, Yale President Benno C. Schmidt Jr. has announced.
May 4, 1985 | United Press International
Grants by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration totaling $1 million will fund the new Yale Center for Solar and Space Research, Yale University scientists said Friday.
November 23, 1992 | BETH KLEID, Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national and international news services and the nation's press
S'Wonderful: Yale University has acquired 700 pages of notes, lyrics and doodles created by Cole Porter while he was a student there. The material, which includes an outline for a college musical, was found last year in a Maine house owned by the family of one of Porter's Yale roommates. Porter, who died in 1964, graduated from Yale in 1913.
March 29, 2014 | By Alana Semuels
Pastors and students in Mississippi are putting pressure on Nissan to remain neutral as the United Automobile Workers try to organize a 5,600-worker plant near Jackson. They're planning marches and protest events with the slogan “Workers' Rights are Civil Rights.” Many say the campaign for better working conditions at the Nissan plant, described in a story in the Los Angeles Times , is a new kind of civil rights struggle. Unions are increasingly turning to outside community groups to help organize workers, labor experts say, especially after the UAW lost a recent key vote at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee.
February 7, 2014 | By Hillel Italie
Robert A. Dahl, an esteemed and influential political scientist who in such books as "Who Governs?" championed democracy in theory and critiqued it in practice, has died. He was 98. A professor emeritus at Yale University, Dahl died Wednesday at a nursing home in Hamden, Conn., according to his daughter Sara Connor. His career lasted for more than half a century, but he was best known for the 1961 publication "Who Governs?" Cited by the Times Literary Supplement as among the 100 most influential books since World War II, "Who Governs?"
January 16, 2014 | By Saba Hamedy
It was supposed to be just like every other annual Harvard-Yale game: a lively, fierce rivalry coupled with students and alumni cheering and tailgating. But on Nov. 19, 2011, one tailgate festivity got out of hand: Brendan Ross, a member of the Yale University chapter of fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon who was driving a rented U-Haul truck carrying beer kegs, struck and killed Nancy Barry, 30, of Salem, Mass., and injured Yale student Sarah Short and Harvard employee Elizabeth Dernbach.
December 28, 2013 | Thomas H. Maugh II
The difference between a glove for the left hand and one for the right is obvious to the human eye, even though the two are mirror images of each other. It is an easy task to distinguish between them and separate them from each other. Most biological molecules have similar mirror images, but it can be difficult to distinguish between them and even harder to separate them. Hardest of all is synthesizing only the desired form, because only this form will interact with other biological molecules in the correct fashion.
December 16, 2013 | By Molly Hennessy-Fiske and Matt Pearce
Alert: Unconfirmed reports of explosives at four sites on campus: Science Center, Thayer, Sever and Emerson. Evacuate those buildings now. Harvard University issued that warning Monday morning, and police swarmed the Cambridge, Mass., campus for several hours. The bomb threat proved false, but Harvard was not alone in seeing its final exams disrupted: That afternoon, the University of Massachusetts Boston evacuated a building after reports of a gunman, which also turned out to be unfounded.
December 16, 2013 | By Matt Pearce, This post has been updated to reflect a new development. See note below for details.
A pair of finals-week threats sent shivers through two Boston-area campuses Monday morning, adding to a seemingly ever-growing number of New England universities to face scares over the past two months. Four buildings on Harvard University's campus in Cambridge -- including a freshman dorm and the campus' science center -- were evacuated shortly after 9 a.m. after officials sent out an alert warning of an unconfirmed report of explosives in each facility. No explosions were reported.
July 6, 1991 | From Staff and Wire Reports
American hopes of winning the Thames Cup for the first time since 1982 increased when two U.S. eights reached the quarterfinals of the 152-year-old Royal Regatta at Henley-On-Thames, England. Yale University's freshmen heavyweights and the University of Pennsylvania's 'A' crew heavyweights are on course for a semifinal battle today.
June 22, 1988
Vicki L. Sato, vice president-research, will replace Richard A. Flavell as head of research at Biogen, a biotechnology firm with headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. Sato has also been appointed to the company's scientific board. Flavell has been appointed chairman of the section of immunobiology at Yale University and investigator in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
December 3, 2013 | By Matt Pearce
For the second time in two weeks, a Connecticut university has been put on lockdown after officials received an alert about a possible gunman coming to campus. University of New Haven officials said Tuesday that a suspect was in custody and weapons had been recovered after the campus was told to take shelter in the early afternoon. "EMERGENCY: WHPD has reported an Asian male near South Campus with what appears to be a rifle," the school's official account tweeted. "SHELTER IN PLACE and await further instruction.
November 25, 2013 | By Matt Pearce
A report of a gunman on campus had Yale University hunkered down on alert Monday morning. "Confirmed report of person with a gun on/near Old Campus. SHELTER IN PLACE. This is NOT a test," the university said in its latest alert to the campus community in New Haven, Conn. A university alert said New Haven police were first notified of a report of a gunman by an anonymous phone call from a phone booth. SWAT teams were reportedly sighted at the Ivy League university, which began its November recess Saturday.
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