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December 25, 2005 | Jane Engle, Times Staff Writer
A visit to Stratford-upon-Avon in England next year and in 2007 will be anything but routine. The Bard's birthplace, about 100 miles northwest of London, is the stage for the Royal Shakespeare Company's most ambitious festival ever. All of William Shakespeare's plays will be presented over a yearlong period starting April 6. Besides 15 productions by the resident company, more than 40 visiting troupes from 18 countries, including the U.S., India, Japan and South Africa, will participate.
March 20, 2005 | Rene Lynch, Times Staff Writer
That graveyard Friday night time slot should have tipped anyone off that "Jonny Zero" was not long for this world, but I went ahead and fell for the recently canceled midseason Fox drama about a pumped-up, tatted-out, recovering addict struggling to walk the straight and narrow after doing four years in prison for a homicide. Jonny, played by charismatic TV newcomer Franky G, soon finds himself pinched between his old criminal boss and the FBI, which forces him to become a snitch.
December 19, 2004 | Jane Engle, Times Staff Writer
A treasure-trove of nearly 500 artifacts will fill Pirate Soul, a museum about the oft-romanticized robbers who terrorized commerce on the high seas. Aided by an animatronic Blackbeard, simulated ship battles and interactive displays, entrepreneur Pat Croce hopes to offer "the most outrageous pirate museum in the world" when it opens Jan. 5 in Key West, Fla. Think Smithsonian wed to Disney.
February 24, 2004 | Daniel Nussbaum, Daniel Nussbaum is author of "PL8SPK" (HarperCollins, 1996).
On Friday, the day after a Washington-based highway lobbying group put five Southern California freeway intersections on its list of the top 15 bottlenecks in the country, I found myself doing about 5 mph on the Santa Monica Freeway. I wanted to go from Santa Monica to Silver Lake. But 35 minutes after entering the freeway at Lincoln, I had only reached the 405 overpass. According to the American Highway Users Alliance, the 405-10 junction is the second-worst in the region.
October 3, 2003 | Steve Springer, Times Staff Writer
He didn't wear gloves and he wasn't in the ring, but nobody took more damaging blows in last month's Oscar De La Hoya-Shane Mosley title fight than Marc Ratner. Ratner, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, selected the three judges for the rematch, held at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena. And Ratner found fingers pointed in his direction after all three judges had scored the fight for Mosley, 115-113. De La Hoya threatened to launch "an investigation" of the decision.
August 19, 2003 | Helene Elliott, Times Staff Writer
Fan Ye spoke no English, but her smile said it all Monday after her spectacular balance beam routine helped propel China to the top of the women's preliminary team standings at the World Gymnastics Championships. "I feel very confident, very good," she said through a translator. "I'm not the best one on the team."
June 18, 2003
Re "The Zeus of the House," editorial, June 15: In Greek mythology, the heroes are exemplary, while the gods are all too human. Zeus was known more for descending upon innocent young women (as a swan with Leda, as golden rain with Danae, as a bull with Europa). I do not think that Helen of Troy, Perseus, Minos, Rhadamanthys or Sarpedon ever played ball or went fishing with their biological father. Zeus would be the last entity one would choose as a poster father. After all, his father, Cronus, did not treat him too well, either.
October 13, 2002 | Robert Lee Hotz, Times Staff Writer
Even a downpour could not dampen the din Friday night along Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, a block singled out by city sound enforcement officers as one of the noisiest in this cacophony capital.
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