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April 4, 2005 | Rong-Gong Lin II, Times Staff Writer
Who knew yellow pages were so golden? A high-stakes bidding war could be shaping up over a San Diego-based independent phone book publisher, which last month indicated it might be shopping itself around. TransWestern Publishing Co., the nation's second-largest independent yellow pages publisher, announced it had retained Goldman Sachs & Co. to explore "strategic alternatives," which probably means it's thinking of selling the company, analysts said.
January 27, 2005 | Chris Gaither, Times Staff Writer Inc. built its business luring shoppers out of stores. Now the Internet's biggest retailer wants to point them back to Main Street -- with detailed maps and photos. The company plans to introduce a feature on its search engine today that taps into more than 14 million businesses around the country and lets users post reviews and read recommendations, just as they can for books, movies and other products at Amazon's online superstore.
July 29, 2004 | From Bloomberg News
SBC Communications Inc. agreed to sell its stake in a Yellow Pages business in Illinois and northwest Indiana to R.H. Donnelley Corp. for $1.45 billion. Donnelley will buy SBC's share of a joint venture between the two companies that publishes 129 directories in the two states, SBC said. SBC said it would record an $850-million gain from the sale this quarter, when it expected the transaction to close.
July 15, 2004
I'm disappointed to find that Paul Brownfield seems to be clueless about gay and lesbian life in L.A. these days ("A Gay Yellow Pages? On My Doorstep?" July 8). Every gay and lesbian person I know has experienced bad moments out there. It might be a small remark, or it might be physical violence. It doesn't usually happen ... but it does happen. Therefore, the person has to operate with a constant level of vigilance. As a result, many gay/lesbian folks are more comfortable living in neighborhoods, and patronizing businesses, where the level of treatment is more likely to be O.K. Sara Winter Los Angeles
July 8, 2004 | Paul Brownfield, Times Staff Writer
I had never wondered whether gay auto mechanics are generally more reliable than heterosexual ones until this week, when the Los Angeles Gay Pages showed up on my doorstep. The Gay Pages are a kind of Yellow Pages for the gay community, published by the Gay Pages Inc., a company out of Atlanta. None of this was apparent to me when I saw the book lying outside my door and was immediately filled with questions and a vague "Why me?" panic. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't an Ashcroftian panic.
September 14, 2003
Regarding "Untangling a Move," Sept. 7: I moved in June from L.A. to Colorado. This was a nightmare. I was charged $6,800 when the estimate was $3,000. A lot of those companies, including this one, advertise that they belong to the Better Business Bureau, which I complained to. It resulted in a letter to the moving company, but they disregarded the complaint. I am glad somebody is doing something. Giancarlo Macchiarella Edwards, Colo. Being a real estate broker, I have never been asked by a buyer or seller for recommendations for the use of a mover.
November 13, 2002 | JOHN BALZAR
"Who are you gonna believe," Groucho Marx quipped, "me or your own eyes?" This old line from the movie "Duck Soup" always comes to mind when I read about productivity in the American workplace. The way the Marx brothers of our economy tell it, everything good about the nation can be measured in the perpetual, incremental and essential gains in worker efficiency -- that is, our ability to produce more in less time by fewer of us.
June 24, 2002 | Reuters
Qwest Communications International Inc. has postponed the final bidding deadline for its telephone directory business to allow buyers more time to develop proposals to acquire the unit in parts, sources familiar with the situation said. Binding bids for the operation, which could top $9 billion, were initially due today, but Qwest will now accept final offers up until July 12, several sources said.
May 28, 2001 | From Bloomberg News
Hicks Muse Tate & Furst Inc. and Apax Partners & Co. agreed Sunday to buy British Telecommunications' yellow pages unit for $3 billion as Britain's second-largest phone company tries to lower its debt. The two buyout firms will pay $2.8 billion in cash and close to $200 million in loan notes for Yell Group, British Telecom said. The transaction would be the biggest leveraged buyout of a European company this year and the third-biggest ever, according to the research firm Initiative Europe.
Yellow Pages publishers have had it made for decades. Their directories are easy to produce, provide billions in nearly automatic ad revenue and qualify as a must-have for most consumers and businesses. So it's only natural that a bevy of online companies want to snatch the business. and the directories offered by Yahoo and America Online are among the early leaders on the Internet. But YellowOnline.
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