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August 12, 2007 | David Sarno, Times Staff Writer
Many of the most explosive and virulent online videos -- think: "Star Wars Kid," "Numa Numa" and the recent interpretation of "Thriller" by Filipino prisoners -- manage to be at once bizarre, hypnotic and borderline upsetting. Tay Zonday's new hit YouTube song, "Chocolate Rain," is no exception. "Chocolate raiiiiiin," belts Zonday again and again, in a voice so cavernously deep that it couldn't possibly be coming from the skinny, sweet-faced young boy on the screen (he's actually 25).
October 27, 2009 | Todd Martens
U2's concert at the Rose Bowl shattered attendance records at the venue as more than 100,000 people, including Rose Bowl staff, took in the band's Southern California stop on its 360 Tour, according to the venue's general manager, Darryl Dunn. Yet the number of fans who watched the concert online probably dwarfs that tally. Final figures aren't in yet from Google-owned YouTube, which streamed the concert live, but the page housing the concert has received close to 7 million "channel views."
July 14, 2007 | From Times Wire Services
Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt says he plans to aggressively fight a $1-billion lawsuit from entertainment company Viacom Inc., saying the technology company has been obeying the law with its YouTube video-sharing service. Viacom has claimed that YouTube is a massive center of copyright infringement because it allows users to upload video clips from Viacom properties such as Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.
December 11, 2008 | DAVID SARNO
On some bright, parched morning back in the Old West, folks must have heard grumbling as a boy nailed a list of new town laws to the wall of the saloon. And when they saw the sheriff and his fresh-faced deputies looking on with a satisfied grin, that's probably when they knew the West wasn't going to be so wild anymore. A similar scene has been playing out digitally at YouTube, the Internet's video town square. In addition to its long-standing campaign to crack down on illegally copied material, in September the site outlawed videos depicting drug abuse and last week tightened its guidelines further to restrict profanity and sexually suggestive content.
March 3, 2007 | From the Associated Press
British Broadcasting Corp. has begun showing excerpts from its news and entertainment programs on the YouTube video-sharing website. In an agreement that analysts described as a key step for both the BBC and YouTube, the British broadcaster is offering three branded channels on the site, including one showing as many as 30 news clips a day. The deal gives the BBC access to millions more viewers and gives YouTube the credibility of the venerable British broadcaster.
December 6, 2006 | From the Associated Press
Iran has blocked access to the popular video-sharing website Internet users in Iran who try to call up the YouTube site are met with the message, "On the basis of the Islamic Republic of Iran laws, access to this website is not authorized." The message appears in place of many websites the government blocks.
July 25, 2007 | Michael Finnegan and Matea Gold, Times Staff Writers
Free-wheeling video questions from ordinary citizens put a fresh spark into the staid ritual of presidential debates this week, with everything from a talking snowman to a guy cradling a rifle he called "my baby." By remaking the debate format into something more akin to "American Idol" than "Meet the Press," Monday's CNN/YouTube presentation could inspire thousands who normally ignore such events to tune in to the many that lie ahead, Democratic and Republican.
September 3, 2006 | Dan Neil
I missed the recent Teen Choice awards--such are the scheduling conflicts when one holds a valid driver's license. However, I had no trouble catching the webcast rerun of the night's most exciting moment: The world premiere of Kevin Federline's career-ending single "Lose Control." Having seen it, I would like now to publicly take back all the mean things I ever said about Vanilla Ice. I watched Mr. Britney Spears' performance on, which recently surpassed MySpace.
June 1, 2006 | From the Associated Press
Yahoo Inc. is reprogramming its online video service so it's more like, an Internet upstart that has amassed a large audience during the last year with a free Web service that encourages people to post and share homemade clips. Under the changes unveiled Wednesday, Yahoo will store homemade videos on its own site for the first time as it attempts to build a platform for people to browse and rate the clips.
March 16, 2007 | Dawn C. Chmielewski, Times Staff Writer
Media mogul Sumner Redstone has had a love-hate affair with YouTube Inc. this week. No sooner had one company he controls, Viacom Inc., sued the online video site for $1 billion than CBS Inc., which he also controls, struck a major deal with it. Under an agreement announced Thursday, YouTube will show CBS clips from the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament.
October 11, 2008 | Swati Pandey, Times Staff Writer
YouTube surfers weary of webcam rants and lo-fi homemade dance routines will now be able to watch real celebrities in professionally produced shows on the popular Google Inc.-owned video site. Partnering with CBS Corp.
July 17, 2008 | Joseph Menn, Times Staff Writer
Lionsgate said Wednesday that it would allow YouTube users to watch more of its movies and television shows, marking the top video site's most far-reaching deal with a mainstream Hollywood studio. The studio said YouTube users would be able to see long stretches of movies and TV shows, share them with other users and possibly edit the material or add their own content. Lionsgate will take a share of revenue from advertising viewed with the clips.
April 23, 2008 | Thomas S. Mulligan, Times Staff Writer
NEW YORK -- One of the signatures of a James Kalm review is the heavy breathing. The all-weather video art critic invariably arrives at the gallery or museum on his stripped-down mountain bike, so for the first few moments of his commentary, he's often short of breath. "Hi, this is the guy on the bike again, with another half-assed Kalm Report" is a typical introduction to one of his pieces, as the image from his tiny video camera careens a little sloppily around the street before settling in on the nameplate of the gallery or a museum poster advertising today's exhibition.
April 9, 2008 | From the Associated Press
Yahoo Inc. will begin showing homemade videos on its online photo-sharing site, Flickr, in a long-anticipated move that might be too late to lure most people away from the Internet's dominant video channel, Google Inc.'s YouTube. Flickr's video technology, which debuted late Tuesday, represents the latest example of Yahoo trying to catch up to Google in a crucial battleground.
February 26, 2008 | From the Associated Press
Most of the world's Internet users lost access to YouTube for several hours Sunday after an attempt by Pakistan's government to block domestic access affected other countries. The outage highlighted yet another of the Internet's vulnerabilities, coming less than a month after broken fiber-optic cables in the Mediterranean took Egypt off line and caused communications problems from the Middle East to India.
December 29, 2007 | Robert Lloyd, Times Staff Writer
The Queen of England has her own YouTube channel now, the Royal Channel (The Official Channel of the British Monarchy), located at com/theroyalchannel. If you go there hoping to see Her Royal Highness demonstrate a rude noise she can make, or the Prince of Wales begging in tears for everyone to leave Jamie Lynn Spears alone, or some unfunny comedy short princes William and Harry made, you will be sorely disappointed.
July 23, 2007 | Paul Brownfield, Times Staff Writer
"Sen. Clinton, I think you would make a great president," says Gavin of Las Vegas, speaking to the camera in a homemade video on YouTube. "But there's a question that deserves to be answered before the end of the primaries, because it could affect your ability to run against a strong Republican: Has your husband, Bill Clinton, engaged in adulterous behavior since he's left office?"
December 24, 2006 | Robert Lloyd, Times Staff Writer
THE beautiful thing about a machine like YouTube, the video-hosting virtual megalopolis named "invention of the year" by Time magazine (though its birth dates from 2005), is its fundamental neutrality, the way the website wraps itself around the user and becomes a reflection of his interests.
December 24, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II launched her own video site on YouTube, featuring old news reels and film snippets of daily royal life. Buckingham Palace said the 81-year-old monarch keeps up with new ways of communicating with people and was hoping to reach a wider, younger audience. The palace plans to add new clips regularly on the official Royal Channel, and the queen's televised Christmas message will be available on the website.
August 22, 2007 | Dawn C. Chmielewski, Jessica Guynn and Times Staff Writers
Almost a year after paying $1.65 billion for YouTube, Google Inc. is seeking some return on its investment. YouTube on Tuesday unveiled a new form of advertising to cash in on its 130 million registered users, who watch 3 billion videos a month. Dozens of other sites have tried ways to make money from the burgeoning popularity of online video.
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