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September 14, 2008
The story "A sick medical pricing system" (Consumer Confidential, Sept. 7) addressed an important topic in healthcare: medical fees vs. insurance company reimbursement. The logic in this conflict is so convoluted that if you didn't have vertigo to begin with, you would afterward. State and federal governments, however, have been shamefully negligent regarding one consequence: Medical fees are only imaginary if you have insurance, but become the retail price if you don't. The upshot is that the uninsured are responsible for a higher fee than the insured.
December 19, 2005 | Tony Perry, Times Staff Writer
As he approaches the second Christmas since his father was killed in Iraq, 6-year-old Blake Rowe seems to be coming to terms with his loss as well as a child can. "The best thing is that I know he's in heaven," said Blake, his usually sprightly voice dropping to a whisper. "The worst thing is that I want him here with me." Blake's sister, Caitlin, 4, is not as far along in her understanding. She wishes her father could still throw her into the air and catch her in his strong arms.
November 6, 2005 | Jia-Rui Chong, Times Staff Writer
On the day that Iraqis went to the polls to vote on a new constitution, Timothy D. Watkins was supporting an armor unit in the insurgent stronghold of Ramadi, a city west of Baghdad. An improvised bomb exploded near his unit's Bradley fighting vehicle Oct. 15, and Watkins was killed with four of his fellow Army soldiers.
June 20, 2005 | Daniel Hernandez, Times Staff Writer
A fire near the San Bernardino County community of Pioneertown was fully contained Sunday afternoon after burning about 1,800 acres of desert brush since Saturday, fire officials said. Authorities called the fire, which burned at the edge of the San Bernardino National Forest, the first major blaze of the new fire season. No major injuries or damage were reported, and the cause of the blaze is still being investigated, California Department of Forestry spokesman Mark Streck said Sunday.
June 14, 2005
Re "Africa's Suffering Is Bush's Shame," Opinion, June 12: The suffering of Africans is not caused by stingy Americans. Africans are not helpless. They lack the fundamental requirement to live productive, happy lives: They need political freedom, not charity. Freedom unleashes the enormous human potential for production. America is the best example, having turned a largely empty continent into the most productive and happy nation in history. The same is available to Africans by learning the principle of individual rights and installing it in their governments.
March 31, 2005
Re "A Glorious Flock" [March 24]: Your article on the bird of paradise credited my Uncle Manfred (Manfred Meyberg) with getting it named the city flower of Los Angeles, but in truth it was my Aunt Elza, his wife, who did the legwork. She had 5,000 tulips in their front yard on Copa de Oro Road in Bel-Air, and when they bloomed each spring they were a tourist attraction. I often marveled at her perspicacity in choosing the bird of paradise. It is so well suited to our city (of which I am a fourth-generation native -- my great-grandparents arrived in 1853)
February 13, 2005 | Peter Yoon, Dan Arritt, Chuck Schilken, Jonathan Abrams, From Times Staff Reports
All Jake Meredith needed to do was avoid getting pinned, but that thought never crossed his mind. Instead, the Temecula Valley freshman staged a late comeback and sent his team and fans into a frenzy and clinched a 48-9 victory over San Clemente in the Southern Section Division I dual-meet championship at Anaheim Esperanza. Meredith's 7-6 victory in the 125-pound weight class gave the Golden Bears their third consecutive dual-meet title. They outscored four opponents, 215-57.
February 5, 2005
Re "So, Exactly What's Changed?" Commentary, Feb. 2: Arianna Huffington is at it again -- whining and complaining. Courageous Iraqis, interestingly enough led by women, braved bullets, bombs and threats of beheadings to stream to the polls, yet all Huffington can do is carp and criticize for her own political advantage. She offered not a single positive suggestion as to what the U.S. and its allies should do at this point in Iraq. Her friend John Kerry did the same thing on "Meet the Press" right after the Iraqi election.
January 30, 2005 | Barbara E. Hernandez, Special to The Times
Yucca Valley may have started as a 19th century cow town and rest stop on the way from Arizona to the San Gorgonio Pass, connecting the Coachella Valley with the San Bernardino Valley, but in recent years the city has experienced growth that is changing its Western cultural identity. Local geography Yucca Valley is in the Little San Bernardino Mountains, above the Coachella Valley, at an elevation of about 3,200 feet.
December 5, 2004
My favorite spectator sport of the moment is watching the rats jump ship from the USS Bush. Aren't we all going to miss Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft or Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (who can come up with a five-level color code that can appeal to any pre-kindergarten mind, and claim that it helped stop terrorists in their tracks)? Of course, it will be fun to watch the hangers-on, like Condoleezza Rice, the anti-role model for blacks, women and Stanford students. No more blaming the Democrats for terrorism, Iraq and the economy.
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