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Zagat Survey

April 20, 1995 | From Associated Press
Barely a week after Donald Trump peddled the Plaza Hotel for $325 million, the Zagat Survey had bad news for its new owners: The 5th Avenue landmark didn't crack the nation's top 100 hotels--or the city's top 10. In fact, the Plaza failed to register among the local 10 best for rooms, dining, service or public facilities. In the last survey, two years ago, it ranked fourth for public facilities and 10th for best dining.
November 25, 2007 | From Times Wire Services
Midwest Airlines and Virgin America ranked highest in overall quality among U.S. airlines in a Zagat survey of frequent fliers, but the results showed that U.S. travelers also were unhappy with the industry's overall performance, especially on late and canceled flights. Midwest, a carrier known for its fresh chocolate chip cookies and leather seats, took top prize among economy-class fliers, with respondents praising its "extraordinarily helpful" staff and "excellent value."
May 21, 2008 | Betty Hallock and Amy Scattergood
MORE burgers may be in your near future. Table 8 is set to close May 31 and reopen at a new Melrose Avenue location (currently Chocolat) in late summer, according to chef-owner Govind Armstrong. He and co-owners Chris Heyman and Joshua Woodward will open a burger bar named 8 oz. in the original Table 8 space, planned for late June. The old Table 8 "really ran its course," Armstrong says. At 8 oz.
June 15, 2003 | Don Shirley
Zagat ratings may soon become as well known in the New York theater world as they are in restaurant circles. The Zagat Survey empire has published its first New York City Theater Guide and expects to publish a larger and updated edition by Labor Day. A weekly column with the most recent Zagat theater ratings is also running in the Friday Weekend section of the Wall Street Journal. The guide rates 56 shows, on Broadway and off.
September 18, 2003 | Terril Yue Jones, Times Staff Writer
Tonight's menu: Appetizer. Check e-mail. Main course. Surf Web. Dessert. Log off. Computer chip giant Intel Corp. and the leisure class bible Zagat Survey have produced a guide to the best restaurants and hotels in America that offer wireless fidelity, or Wi-Fi, Internet access. The guide includes Zagat's signature, and sometimes snooty, comments on food and decor. It doesn't, however, rate the quality of Wi-Fi hookups on Zagat's traditional 1-30 scale. Or on any scale.
October 13, 1999 | RUSS PARSONS
From our Department of Suspicions Confirmed: The "2000 Zagat Survey" of Southern California restaurants is out this week and, for the first time, the editors reveal how many ballots were turned in for each restaurant. In other words, where do those volunteer restaurant critics really eat?
October 22, 2003
David Shaw's column on the unreliability of Zagat dining guide restaurant ratings ("Can You Believe Zagat? Not Always," Oct. 15) inspired 140 letters: 112 agreed with Shaw; 18 responded negatively, most defending a favorite restaurant; and 10 were mixed. I couldn't agree with you more. Many years ago, voting took more effort, as voting was allowed only by mail, compared with today, with voting available online. Now, any restaurant owner can send out a chain e-mail to 40 of his or her closest friends and get great ratings.
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