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Zagat Survey

October 13, 1993
The following reviews are excerpted from Zagat Surveys, a series of regional dining and lodging guides based on extensive ratings and reviews contributed by local restaurant-goers and frequent travelers. Ratings of food, decor and service are based on a numerical scale: 0-9, poor to fair; 10-19, good to very good; 20-25, very good to excellent; 26-30, extraordinary to perfection. Price reflects surveyors' estimate of a dinner, drink and tip for one person.
May 31, 1987 | COLMAN ANDREWS
It's Zagat time again in old L.A. Town. A new edition (the second) of the Zagat Los Angeles Restaurant Survey is in the works. Questionnaires are being collected even as we speak; restaurants are being ranked numerically by hundreds upon hundreds of amateur (and occasionally professional) restaurant critics throughout the Southland; snide or admiring comments are being salt-and-peppered throughout the Zagat forms. The common diner, at last, is having his or her own say.
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