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September 2, 2004 | Kevin Thomas, Times Staff Writer
Offering marathon screenings of rarities and rediscoveries reaching back to the earliest days of silent movies, Cinecon, the Society for Cinephiles, descends on Hollywood on Labor Day weekend for its 40th annual film festival and memorabilia show.
March 25, 2009
Re "S.F. mayor campaigns in centrist lane," March 23 The Times coverage of Gavin Newsom's visits around the state reported that he says he'll bring a pragmatic approach to the governor's job if he wins next year. The San Francisco mayor made a stop in Santa Barbara last week and stated that he considered shutting down offshore drilling so important that he did not care if gas reached $35 a gallon! That is the opposite of being pragmatic. I would call it foolhardy, self-destructive zealotry.
January 12, 2012 | MEGHAN DAUM
If you think Rick Santorum is a weird, pious wackadoo, try being a female walking around certain ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Israel with your ankles showing. Santorum's near-victory in the Iowa caucuses last week raised the volume on some of his more paranoid kvetchings about the moral breakdown of society -- gay marriage being a slippery slope to marrying your pet, "Christendom" being under attack, birth control being "not OK" even for married couples. Meanwhile, in Jerusalem -- where I was last week -- the big story was about religious extremists spitting on schoolgirls.
May 30, 1988 | MARK I. PINSKY, Times Staff Writer
Although my job and young son leave little time these days for extracurricular reading, books continue to exert such a pull on me that I've been haunting the halls of the American Booksellers' Convention in Anaheim all weekend, well after my reporting assignment was completed. There are any number of good reasons for wandering for hours--slack-jawed and eyes glazed--through the cavernous convention center.
September 24, 1987 | From Reuters
Five Muslim fundamentalists smashed windows in a Christian bookshop on Wednesday and were about to pour gasoline on books and set them afire when bystanders stopped them, police said. The fundamentalists escaped. Last Friday, another Christian bookshop in Asyut was damaged and its guard beaten up. Police arrested three medical students and were seeking five more in that attack. Egypt's fundamentalists want their predominantly Muslim country ruled by Islamic law.
July 17, 1989 | MICHELLE M. MILLER, Times Staff Writer
They pride themselves on being first. For some, it is the thrill of being at opening night. For others, it's the lead position in the ticket line to get there. Whatever the motivation, there is a certain number among us who would go to many lengths to say they were first to screen a movie premiere, or were there at a one-time-only concert, sold-out play or world championship game. Understand that these "firsts" don't take their business lightly.
The average terrorist is patient, not too bright and motivated by a deep desire for revenge, a renowned expert in the field said Wednesday at UC Irvine. Martha Crenshaw, professor of government and director of the Public Affairs Center at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn., spoke before an audience of about 70 people on "What Psychology Can Contribute to Understanding Terrorism."
July 17, 1986 | GARRY ABRAMS, Times Staff Writer
The shadow from the past wore a nylon windbreaker and a baseball cap. He looked like a football coach. But the heavyset, gray-haired man on the Malibu pier claimed to be the Fox, the self-styled environmental guerrilla whose specialty was the toxic chemical equivalent of a pie in the face. A decade ago the Fox was famous for his calling cards. He dumped dead animals and the industrial sewage that he said had killed them on corporate carpets.
Albert F. Canwell, a one-term Washington state legislator and anti-communist zealot who helped set the national stage for McCarthyism, has died at age 95. Canwell died April 1 in his native Spokane of unspecified causes. In 1948, Canwell conducted the first nationally publicized hearings into anti-communist activity, well ahead of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, whom he claimed to have befriended and tutored. "I was helpful to [McCarthy] in selecting targets.
December 13, 1998
At a recent Santa Barbara wine auction, a benefit for the Music Academy of the West, the honorees included Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat winery and the other winemakers who share the same facility ("The Wine Zealot," by Doug Adrianson, Nov. 1). I was reminded that one of Clendenen's most important attributes wasn't mentioned in Adrianson's fine article. Clendenen has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities over the years and continues his high level of participation with generous donations of time, money, wine and auction lots.
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