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Zhu Rongji

July 30, 1990 | Associated Press
China's first full-fledged stock market since the Communist takeover will open in Shanghai in December, it was reported today. The port city will begin operating a national securities exchange in a new building equipped with computer terminals linked to trading counters inside the city and throughout the country, Shanghai's official Liberation Daily newspaper said.
May 1, 1991 | Reuters
China has named a 52-year-old former electrical engineer as the mayor of Shanghai, China's biggest city, the New China News Agency reported. Huang Ju, who had been vice mayor and deputy head of the municipal Communist Party, replaces the charismatic Zhu Rongji. Zhu, dubbed "China's Gorbachev" because of his reformist policies, became a vice premier last month. Zhu, who was also the Communist Party chief in Shanghai, was replaced in that post by another engineer, Wu Bangguo.
March 16, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
China's parliament elected Wen Jiabao as premier today, placing the world's sixth-biggest economy in the hands of a man who will need to tackle problems including a sickly banking system and a growing rich-poor gap. The National People's Congress, a ceremonial parliament that rubber-stamps decisions by the ruling Communists, elected Wen with 2,906 "yes" votes, three "nos" and 16 abstentions. Wen, 60, replaces Zhu Rongji, who helped guide China through capitalist-style reforms.
November 24, 2000 | Reuters
China vowed to nurture healthy competition with Southeast Asian neighbors and said its impending admission to the World Trade Organization will reap dividends for the entire region. Southeast Asia is nervous that China, its economy already growing briskly, will become an even fiercer competitor once it joins the WTO, which is likely to happen in the next few months. "There will be definitely competition.
March 11, 2001 | Reuters
Comments heaping scorn on the official explanation of last week's fatal blast in a schoolhouse that killed dozens of children abruptly disappeared from Chinese Internet chat sites Saturday. The state-run New China News Agency and Premier Zhu Rongji have said that a suicide bomber set off the explosion that killed at least 42 people, most of them third- and fourth-grade students, in the remote eastern village of Fanglin.
November 18, 1992 | Reuters
Hong Kong's stock market tumbled more than 3% Tuesday after a top Beijing official hinted that his nation's Communist leadership might abandon its deal ensuring the British colony stays capitalist after its return to China in 1997. Some local legislators expressed alarm over the remarks by Vice Premier Zhu Rongji on Monday in London. But analysts said foreign investors, keen to use Hong Kong as a gateway to the fast-growing China market, were unlikely to be scared off so easily.
October 12, 2000 | Reuters
Top U.S. trade negotiator Charlene Barshefsky arrives in Beijing today to meet Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji in a hastily arranged attempt to sort out problems in Beijing's bid to join the World Trade Organization by the end of this year. European and U.S. trade officials say China's bid to join the WTO before year's end fell into doubt after recent talks in Geneva stalled over how Beijing would implement rules on intellectual property and meet other obligations. And U.S.
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