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Ziggy Marley

August 21, 1990 | JIM WASHBURN
There seems something dishonest to seeing Ziggy Marley perform, though the fault certainly isn't Marley's. Instead, as a listener, there is the uneasy sensation that one is trying to cheat death. Like John Lennon, the late Bob Marley was a visionary, unifying performer who could have accomplished much more had his life not been cut short. But it also couldn't be argued that the performers didn't do enough while they were alive.
August 23, 1999
Ziggy Marley loves making music now, but last year he was frustrated with the pressures of his career.
The progeny of pop icons are handed a mixed blessing. Whether it's Frank Sinatra Jr. or Sean and Julian Lennon, a built-in audience unfortunately comes with expectations that junior will perform in permanent tribute to dad. Some manage to escape that trap.
March 26, 2013 | By Jay Jones
As the launch of the second season of the History Channel's “Counting Cars” nears, Danny “The Count” Koker can likely expect an increase in visitors to Count's Kustoms , the Las Vegas garage where he restores and sells classic cars and motorcycles. Koker's shop is where most of the filming is done for “Counting Cars,” which returns April 9. In this garage, “The Count” and his team have been working with Ziggy Marley on the restoration of the last vehicle owned by his father, reggae star Bob Marley.
July 22, 1990
I am a 16-year-old who likes classic rock, especially Paul McCartney's and David Bowie's. But I also enjoy such recent groups as Depeche Mode and Ziggy Marley. It would be a bad idea for David Bowie to vow to never sing any of his old hits in concert again. If I paid to see Bowie or McCartney or any other of the "10 artists who should follow the lead of David Bowie," as stated in Hilburn's article, I would definitely want to see them perform some of their old, classic hits. Sure, the recent works of these artists are great too. But what would a McCartney concert be without an old Beatles tune, or a Bowie concert without something from his Ziggy Stardust days, or even a Prince concert without "Little Red Corvette"?
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