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August 9, 1988 | United Press International
Inflation has hit hard at the Beijing Zoo, where the tigers are on a strict diet, the elephants have traded bananas for carrots and only the prestigious pandas still enjoy their traditional regimen of milk and bamboo shoots. Zoo officials blamed soaring prices for the food cutbacks, noting that their 3,000 mammals were not granted the government subsidies that human urban residents received this year, according to the official China Daily newspaper.
October 2, 1987 | Associated Press
The American Assn. of Zoological Parks and Aquariums, which lifted the accreditation of Zoo Atlanta in 1984, officially restored it Thursday after the zoo met all of the agency's requirements in an inspection last month, officials said.
November 28, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
With shutters clicking and cameras rolling, visitors crowded into the indoor "tropical forest" at Boston's Franklin Park Zoo for the debut of its newest celebrity resident: a tiny 3-day-old western lowland gorilla. Kiki the gorilla sauntered between areas of the enclosure with her 4-pound baby tucked under her arm. The baby hadn't been named yet because its gender wasn't yet known.
September 29, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
A restless gorilla broke out of its zoo enclosure, injuring a 2-year-old and a teenager before it was sedated and recaptured almost two hours later, according to zoo officials. The gorilla escaped from Boston's Franklin Park Zoo minutes before it was scheduled to close, according to Zoo New England Chief Executive and President John Linehan. The gorilla injured the young girl and an 18-year-old woman almost immediately after escaping, Linehan said.
March 18, 1994 | JILL LEOVY
The owner of a petting zoo and pony ride in Reseda has filed a claim for damages of $750,000 against the city of Los Angeles alleging that she was arrested without probable cause and her ponies seized illegally by city animal regulation officers. The claim is the second legal action Linda Menary has taken against the city in recent months.
November 28, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
Armed robbers made off with a lion cub and two parrots in a recent raid on the Gaza Strip's new zoo. Zoo board chairman Suad Shawwa told Palestinian newspapers that four masked men toting Kalashnikov rifles tied up the zookeeper in a cafeteria, then made their way to the cages. They used blankets to try to snatch a pair of lion cubs but only captured one. Police chief Ala Hosni said forces were investigating the theft, which happened two weeks ago but was only made public over the weekend.
September 8, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
The zoo in Prague, the Czech capital, opened for the first time since it was submerged by last month's floods, albeit with a host of empty cages. In the frantic rescue effort, animals were dragged, carried, led, put on trucks and even lifted from the water by cranes. About 90 creatures--including a sea lion, an elephant, a gorilla, two hippos, a bear, a lion and dozens of birds--drowned or died of trauma, injuries or move-related stress. Two sea lions that escaped are back in the zoo.
September 2, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
Lucy, believed to be the world's fourth-oldest African elephant in captivity, was euthanized after staffers found her lying down in her stall, the Milwaukee County Zoo said. In June, Lucy, 46, became ill and was unable to stand up in the African exhibit yard. A crane was brought in to lift the 9,000-pound animal to her feet; she struggled for a few days after that but had seemed to improve.
Plant lovers: Have you been to the Los Angeles Zoo lately? The next time you want a new garden experience, consider a trip to Griffith Park. Aside from the new Adventure Island section for children, apart from the gorgeous flamingos and monkeys, the zoo is home to a variety of unusual plants--some species that aren't seen anywhere else in Southern California.
March 5, 1995 | Associated Press
A partially devoured woman's body was found early Saturday in the outdoor lion enclosure at the National Zoo. A zoo official said two lions were in the enclosure at the time. Police spokesman Sgt. Joe Gentile said the cause of the woman's death had not been established. She was not immediately identified, but officials said she was not a zoo employee. The lion house was roped off for a time while police investigated the matter.
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